First Signs of Spring – Young Edible Herbs to Forage

It’s early April and there’s a little snow left here and there, the woodstove is still going, a lot of the birds are back. And hiding under leaves and in the long meadow grass you can already find some young wild greens, just waiting for the sun to come out again. This is the perfect time of year to get out and forage for wild herbs; you may not find too much, but the young greens you do discover are full of medicine. Continue reading First Signs of Spring – Young Edible Herbs to Forage

Foraging Wild Raspberries

It’s a hot August afternoon in Maine, and I just returned from foraging wild raspberries. I ended up picking a quart of these red juicies out in the wilds. I left my car radio on nice and loud for two reasons. One is that it’s obvious that many other animal friends are enjoying the bountiful harvest, some much bigger than others (bear and moose I’m thinking), as seen from the enormous indentations in the growth surrounding the most succulent berry bushes. I would rather make a loud entrance than scare someone up. Continue reading Foraging Wild Raspberries