First Signs of Spring – Young Edible Herbs to Forage

It’s early April and there’s a little snow left here and there, the woodstove is still going, a lot of the birds are back. And hiding under leaves and in the long meadow grass you can already find some young wild greens, just waiting for the sun to come out again. This is the perfect time of year to get out and forage for wild herbs; you may not find too much, but the young greens you do discover are full of medicine. Continue reading First Signs of Spring – Young Edible Herbs to Forage

9 Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain in America has reached epidemic proportions, with over 100 million people now suffering. Modern medicine has failed to produce a pill that stops all chronic pain. But it’s because there is no one simple answer. A multi-faceted approach using natural remedies can have a tremendous effect on the symptoms of chronic pain, so people can start living their life again. Continue reading 9 Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

Herbal Recipe – Sore Back Salve

It’s been a busy winter as far as shoveling goes, and one day recently, mid-blizzard, I decided I was in need of a back pain relieving herbal recipe. A “Sore Back Salve” is what I ended up doing and it’s all here (the shoveling and the salve making) in the video below. In case you’d like recipe in written form, you can find that right here. Continue reading Herbal Recipe – Sore Back Salve

Foraging Milk Thistle Nuts (& seeds)

I did some experimenting with wild Milk Thistle this afternoon. I managed to figure out one way to harvest and separate the delicious nuts and seeds from the thistle flowers. It’s not an easy task, I will admit. But here’s one method of doing it without impaling yourself many times over. Continue reading Foraging Milk Thistle Nuts (& seeds)

Herbal Blood Thinners: Too Risky?

In the year 2007, close to $1 billion was spent by 4.2 million American adults on anti-clotting prescriptions:  a/k/a blood thinners. These drugs were purchased to treat cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, and as support for post-surgical patients. Many more people are prescribed aspirin therapy, taking one per day to reduce heart disease and stroke. With the preponderance of cardiovascular diseases, insterest in herbal blood thinners is coming to the forefront. Continue reading Herbal Blood Thinners: Too Risky?

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I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. So just to add some information, all ten of these herbs in this book are amazing healers. You can forage all of them and each one targets a specific modern health issue. I’ve used the majority of them personally and have been growing and wildcrafting herbs and making herbal products for over fifteen years.

This book was a work of love, a foraging guide with everything I’d learned so far is in it, from  how to make tinctures and poultices, to the best ways to harvest wild roots, to learning the most easily identifiable herbs on the planet.

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“Spot on resource. Great herbs, with good advice, easy to recognize pictures, and directions. Short, to the point, without any fluff. Good job.” – Novice herbalist

“Informative little book. I was pleasantly surprised when reading this book. I had thought it was going to be overly simplistic and was happy that it was not. As someone that has used herbs for more then 20 years I can still say….I learned a few things in this book.” –on

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