Herbal Blood Thinners: Too Risky?

In the year 2007, close to $1 billion was spent by 4.2 million American adults on anti-clotting prescriptions:  a/k/a blood thinners. These drugs were purchased to treat cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, and as support for post-surgical patients. Many more people are prescribed aspirin therapy, taking one per day to reduce heart disease and stroke. With the preponderance of cardiovascular diseases, insterest in herbal blood thinners is coming to the forefront. Continue reading Herbal Blood Thinners: Too Risky?

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What’s in the book?

I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. So just to add some information, all ten of these herbs in this book are amazing healers. You can forage all of them and each one targets a specific modern health issue. I’ve used the majority of them personally and have been growing and wildcrafting herbs and making herbal products for over fifteen years.

This book was a work of love, a foraging guide with everything I’d learned so far is in it, from  how to make tinctures and poultices, to the best ways to harvest wild roots, to learning the most easily identifiable herbs on the planet.

Here’s what a few Amazon customers had to say about the book:

“Spot on resource. Great herbs, with good advice, easy to recognize pictures, and directions. Short, to the point, without any fluff. Good job.” – Novice herbalist

“Informative little book. I was pleasantly surprised when reading this book. I had thought it was going to be overly simplistic and was happy that it was not. As someone that has used herbs for more then 20 years I can still say….I learned a few things in this book.” –on

Do I sell herbal products?

No, but I provide recipes, videos and blog posts. My intention is to teach others how to make their own herbal remedies with foraged herbs. I also sell some of my books from my author page (though I always have at least three free books available on Amazon at any given time).

Thank you again for visiting my blog, and feel free to comment about any health and wellness topics you’d like to see discussed in an upcoming blog post, video or eBook.

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Foraging In Maine – 2015

Well we spent a lot of time last winter shoveling snow. At least we didn’t get the ice storms like we’ve had in the past. But the snow. A foot one day. A foot the next. Three days later another storm is coming. For those of you that live without snow, let me tell you it is exhilarating (fun to play in!), a lot of work (where’s my car?),  and dangerous (we are all still driving in this shit!). Last year we had more snowstorms than I can ever remember; and I’ve spent 45 winters here. Luckily that snowy winter sent us bountiful rewards, the first thing that comes to my mind is the long growing season we saw for our cultivated gardens and the wild plants. Foraging in Maine has been a real treat for us avid outdoorsy types. Continue reading Foraging In Maine – 2015

Foraging Wild Raspberries

It’s a hot August afternoon in Maine, and I just returned from foraging wild raspberries. I ended up picking a quart of these red juicies out in the wilds. I left my car radio on nice and loud for two reasons. One is that it’s obvious that many other animal friends are enjoying the bountiful harvest, some much bigger than others (bear and moose I’m thinking), as seen from the enormous indentations in the growth surrounding the most succulent berry bushes. I would rather make a loud entrance than scare someone up. Continue reading Foraging Wild Raspberries

The Earliest Wild Herbs of Spring

What a gorgeous sunny day here in Maine. Feeling so lucky to be outside and not be freezing or shoveling, which is pretty much what most of us spent our winter doing. By far the coldest, snowiest and longest winter of the 42 years I’ve lived here, spring right now is feeling like a balm to the soul. Continue reading The Earliest Wild Herbs of Spring

Happiness is discovering that a pesky garden weed is a useful plant!

Today I was looking at this great video from Garden Fork on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAtGrCIyec0

As soon as I saw the close-up of this ‘weed’ called Purslane, a medicinal wild herb with super nutritional properties, it was a huge ‘AHA!’ moment for me.  That is the weed that has cropped up all through our gardens;  practically laying a carpet around everything planted.  I had a feeling when I was weeding this plant that I shouldn’t be.  I wanted to know what it was, but sometimes it’s hard to identify a plant from the wild.  Is this weed going to leech away all the soil nutrients so my cultivated plants suffer?

I always learn better when someone shows me.  I’m so grateful to all the youtubers out there posting videos of wild edibles plants!